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With everyone having access to a camcorder inside their cellphones, personal videos shot today won't really seem all that amazing to future generations of screen-starers when they're feeling nostalgic for ye olden days of But for those of us who are currently above ground, we can still be fascinated by stuff like old, grainy, black-and-white home movie footage of Dana Point, Mission San Juan Capistrano, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach note the famed Victoria Beach tower, then just a few years old , back before there were huge hotel resorts, cars, or crowds. Shot by Wilson's grandparents, much of the footage features Wilson's mother and uncle cavorting in the surf around Dana Point. But it's fascinating from the historical angle, filed under "things that aren't here anymore" -- like Princess Point, which would be carved out in order to build Dana Point Harbor, and the general wide open spaces of the south Orange County seaside. Yes, children, there was a time when Starbucks did not exist Duncan provides the narration.

LAGUNA BEACH : Nude Man Arrested After Traffic Crash

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Daily Pilot e-Newspaper: Friday, Feb. About 60 Huntington Beach high school teachers take leave due to on-campus requirement. The Huntington Beach Union High School District has been requiring its teachers to be on campus since the second semester began on Feb. Merry Tungka of Laguna Sound recording studio helped organize the donation. Contact Us. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

Naked Orange County: 1930s Video Shows No Crowds, No Development

When going nude on California's beaches, there's often a wide chasm between expectation and reality -- but that's more of a "nude beach" thing than a California thing. You can't just drop trou and get an all-over tan at any old stretch of Golden State shoreline, and the select beaches where California does allow nude sunbathing are mostly and not-so-coincidentally in hard-to-reach and obscure locations. In other words, they're the kind of amenity-free beaches where you'd do well to bring your own food, drinks, chairs, and umbrellas. Many of the state's most popular and underrated nude beaches are hidden mere minutes away from the popular shopping malls that line our coast, but you'd never know it unless you knew where to look. So, we're telling you where to look: here are all the best beaches to bare your ass in California, how to get to them, and everything you need to know once you're there.
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