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Internet dating is turning sex into a game and Kiwi women are the biggest players. A OnePoll survey last week confirmed an earlier study which showed New Zealand women were the world's most promiscuous with an average of And Kiwi men, with an average of The Palmerston North-based clinical psychologist has seen a rise in male clients shocked at how many women aren't interested in having a proper relationship and want multiple sexual partners. This could be a reaction to being hurt in relationships, she said.

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Nadia Bokody is a sex expert who isn't surprised that many women are dissociated from their sexuality. A few years ago, I wrote a story about coming out of my marriage breakdown and rediscovering my sexuality. The column included a brief, hyperbolic line about me becoming enthralled with a new sex toy after months in a sexless marriage. But after a couple of weeks of using my new adult plaything, I started experiencing pelvic pain. And if there's anything internet tabloids love more than a woman talking openly about her sex life, it's a "broken" vagina — which, I should probably state, is a physiological impossibility.

Kiwi women most promiscuous

Contact Admin. Young people who have been victims of sexual abuse and who are living apart from their parents are more vulnerable to being lured into under-age prostitution, new research shows. The study, released yesterday by anti-child pornography group Ecpat New Zealand, revealed that primary school children as young as 10 had been involved in commercial sexual activity in New Zealand. Of a national survey of known cases of underage commercial sexual activity brought to the attention of counsellors and welfare agencies , cases involved children under Ten per cent were 12 years old and under, 15 per cent were 13, 20 per cent were 14 and 30 per cent were Under the Prostitution Reform Act, which was introduced in June last year, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to be a prostitute.
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