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Podcasts are an easy way to escape the sounds of the outside world and learn a thing or two along the way. Content creators sharing immature stories? Audio primers on racial injustice in the year ? Double check. Imagine yourself casually grocery shopping while sex-positive women talk in your ear about the basics of Tantric sex.

The Hottest & Smartest Erotic Podcasts to Download Right Now

30 Best Sex Podcasts | Erotic Podcasts to Stream Now

Most people are interested in sex. And though there are only so many body parts to play with, there can still be a fair amount of variety, chaos, and confusion involved in the act. Enter sex podcasts. Well, technically the best sex podcasts.

The Best Sex Podcasts of 2021

At first, it might seem like podcasting is an odd venue for exploring relationships and sexuality in its many beautiful forms. But the enduring medium is home to all kinds of riveting erotic programs. In fact, erotic podcasts are some of the best erotic media around. Sure, sex is a predominantly physical and in some cases, visual thing. And the podcasting world is exploring that notion in exciting and innovative ways.
Sex has a way of tapping into each of your five senses. Of course, upon first thought, the most obvious sense you might associate with sex is touch. Then sight and taste. But what about hearing? From learning about all the sexual opportunities available to explore , to laughing through some naughty storytelling intended to get you in the mood, the world of sex podcasts is only a play button away.