Wife has no sexual drive

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My wife says she has lost her libido and doesn't want to have sex. And yet sometimes in the early hours, when she imagines that I am asleep, I am not infrequently aware of her having an orgasm without me. I am delighted that she is still enjoying sex in her own way, but feel hurt that she doesn't want to share with me. If you want this marriage to survive, you need to stop pretending to be asleep and start talking to your wife.

Help for Women Dealing With Low Libido

Sex File: 'My wife says she has lost her libido and doesn't want to have sex'

Low sex drive in women has many potential causes, including underlying medical issues, emotional or psychological problems, or work- and family-related stress. The good news is that identifying the root cause of low libido can lead to effective treatment options. It is not unusual for couples to have a disparity in their sex drives. More often than not, in a heterosexual relationship, it's the woman who has the lower libido , according to research published by the Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA.

What to Do If Your Partner Has Lost Interest in Sex

Research suggests that sexual satisfaction plays a pivotal role in healthy relationships according to research, but there are a number of factors that can influence the quality of a couple's sex life as well as individual sexual desire over the course of a relationship. It may a short-term problem related to stress at work or other issues that have driven your partner to distraction. Even more commonly, a sudden, hectic schedule—ranging from end-of-year exams to a do-or-die work deadline—can leave your partner exhausted and uninterested in anything more than sleep or a night in front of the TV.
These are some typical complaints I hear as a certified sex and relationship therapist. Often what lies beneath these complaints is a raw sense of fear, sadness, and hopelessness. The truth is that, most likely, many things are contributing to your wife avoiding intimacy with you. The question is, what can you do about it? Who knows, a more fulfilling sex-life might be right around the corner.