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Usability tests were conducted based on a framework of evaluation criteria and a set of information seeking tasks designed for the Dunhuang cultural heritage, and interviews were conducted for soliciting in-depth opinions from participants. The results of the usability tests indicate that the DL was more efficient in supporting simple information seeking tasks than those of higher-complexity levels. Statistical tests reveal that there were correlations among dimensions of usability criteria and user effectiveness measures. Moreover, interview discourses exposed specific usability issues of the DL. This research is based on a relatively small sample size, resulting in a limited representativeness of user diversity.

Dunhuang: On the Silk Road with smart tourism and big data

Dunhuang: On the Silk Road with smart tourism and big data - Huawei

App Download the App for Free. Top currencies. Search Bookings. Register Sign In. Dunhuang is located in western Gansu, an oasis in the vast Gobi Desert. Previously one of the important and strategic cities on the famous Silk Road, it contains over 2, years of history.

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Book pickup, Ask a Librarian, and on-demand scanning are available. Many other services, tools, and collections can be accessed online. Learn more. The construction of these grottoes began in roughly the same century, but among them, the Mogao Grottoes took the longest to construct and grew to be the largest. Dunhuang became a center of religious worship.