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Funny no mention of the old favourites which surely are still open and busy? Sho Cho, Zinc, Rock Bottom etc, the less pretentious places which even though 20 years old are still full busy and popular with crew and decent expats and not many tourists. Hi there, thank you for mentioning these venues. To be honest I had not heard of them.

Prostitutes in Dubai

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This hotel is not for a family holiday! I'm sure this is used for business men who just want to pick up girls. The female staff are made to wear scimpy revealing uniforms in the restaurant, short skirts at reception and apparently reduced to wearing school uniforms in the bar. I'm sure that this hotel must be run by a sexist male, who has no respect for women whatsoever. The food is ok, but it's the same every day.

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If you want to meet Sexy girls and get laid in Dubai, this guide is what you need. It reveals how to find girls hot for action and offers practical tips to enjoy your sex vacation in Dubai. Dubai has many little dirty secrets, and itself is quite a contrast. The strict Islamic religion forbids holding hands in public, alcohol, and sex outside marriage. But in reality, every night there are lavish parties with expensive bottles and sexy women down to fuck.
Khaleed Bin waleed Metro station is very close by and you can get around dubai using the metro, this hotel is on a main busy road full of hustle and bustle! Whilst the Outside of the hotel looks good something you would expect of a 4 star hotel inside was absolutely awful! HOWEVER it gets even worse post pm its nothing but a pickup joint and a brothel there you will find phillipinos, russian, chinese and eastern europeans all looking for clients, with a lot of pervy men going Hooker shopping in the front as well as in the bar at that time and a typical scene you would see out of a brothel. Yes you will see the odd police car there but they turn a blind eye! Likewise an innocent drink in the bar will make you look as if you are soliciting with clients.