Van nuys asian boyz gang

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They were founded in the early s as part of efforts of protection [1] [14] for Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees from the more numerous American gangs in their localities. The Asian Boyz gang was formed in Long Beach, California in the early s, drawing members from immigrant communities from Southeast Asia. Their identity also attracts notable controversy, being that the Cambodian sets are notoriously influential and decorated as their own faction of Crips that is, among other things, racially or ethnically distinct. Although the Asian Boyz gang comprise their own identity as an organization, the identity itself is largely interpreted as an umbrella of individual Crip gangs or "sets"; hence their alternative monikers "Asian Crips" and "Asian Boyz Crip". Though the relationships between these individual sets are unclear, the various Southeast Asian members tend to work with people of their own national, ethnic or cultural background.

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Asian Boyz Face Group Trial in Spate of Killings

Defense attorney Donald Calabria said Chun is trying to have Mercado convicted largely on the testimony of four witnesses granted immunity for serious crimes in exchange for their testimony. Mercado was arrested in the Philippines in , where he was living under an assumed name, and eventually extradited. Dinh, a convicted felon who admitted to detectives that he was with defendants during some of the crimes, testified in and took the stand again in the current trial, once again under a grant of immunity from prosecution.
Even for detectives hardened by the trivialities that can lead to street violence, these crimes defied reason. In an effort to become the most feared Asian gang in Los Angeles, a group of young men are alleged to have engaged in a spate of violence--shooting and wounding strangers, conducting running gun battles on freeways and staging a deadly ambush against a rival gang. Larry Dolley said.