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People over 18 years old are tried as adults in the Criminal Division of Provincial Court. It hears cases involving youth who are charged with a crime. Children under the age of 12 do not go to court because they cannot be legally charged with a crime. For more information, see Young Offenders. If you have been charged with breaking the law, you must appear in person before the judge at the time indicated on your Summons or Appearance Notice. By law, your parent or guardian must be notified of the charge.

America's Teenage courts

America's teen courts - justice for teens by teens

A juvenile justice diversion program for early teen offenders where youth, accompanied by their parents, go in front of an adult judge and a jury of teen peers, who create unique and restorative sentences, rather than the traditional juvenile justice or school disciplinary process. Typical crimes referred to Teen Court include alcohol and drug offenses, petty theft, burglary, assault, driving offenses, curfew violations, trespassing, graffiti and vandalism. The youth must take responsibility for their offense before attending their peer review hearing and agree to accept the sentence provided by the jury. There is a fee for all services and a sliding fee scale is available upon request.

Teen Court offers alternative to first-time youth offenders

Teen Court has gone virtual please watch our video explaining how we are resuming Teen Court hearings virtually. Their cases are heard before a jury of their peers and sanctions are assigned for the defendant to complete. Kids won't let other kids' manipulate the system. This is truly peer pressure at its finest. For all Teen Court events, please be aware of the environment that you are in and dress accordingly.
By Chris Miller. Email the author. Teenagers who have been charged with misdemeanor crimes have the chance to complete a diversion program that will keep them out of the juvenile justice court system. Established earlier this year by the Stanly County Juvenile Restitution program, the Stanly County Teen Court program allows teenagers to avoid the formal court system while also being held accountable for their actions. The program was created after North Carolina, in December, became the last state in the country to adopt a Raise the Age law that no longer automatically charges year-olds as adults.