Taught to masturbate

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It's not as woo-woo as it sounds, promise. Masturbation is my jam. I had some real shit to work through, obvi. Despite my initial confusion about the morality of masturbation, I realized at a very early age the importance of self-stimulation. Now, as an adult, there's not a single day that goes by where I don't masturbate true story.

FactCheck: Will children be taught how to masturbate as part of their education from September?

Why masturbation needs to be taught in sex ed

LGBT advocates praised the new recommendations for giving attention to a community that is often left out of sex education policies. But some parents and conservative groups assailed the more than page document as an assault on parental rights, arguing it exposes children to ideas about sexuality and gender that should be taught at home. The guidance approved Wednesday by the California State Board of Education does not require educators to teach anything. It is designed as a guide for teachers to meet state standards on health education, such as nutrition, physical activity and combating alcohol and drug abuse. Much of the pushback focused not on the framework, but on the books it recommends students read.

Leaflets falsely claim pupils taught masturbation in relationship classes

Leaflets claiming that new relationship education lessons will encourage primary school children to masturbate have been handed out in east London, the BBC has learned. Other leaflets said parents "will be questioned on the day of judgement" if they do not challenge the lessons. Labour councillor Rohit Dasgupta said local officials had a "duty" to counter the "misinformation". The School Gate Campaign - which distributed the leaflets - has now removed the specific accusation that infants would be "encouraged to masturbate" in its literature, but Mr Dasgupta argued the damage had already been done.
When it comes to masturbation, people are extremely squeamish. Public opinion has come a long way, but most states are still in the trenches of sex negativity when it comes to views on sexuality. Meanwhile, masturbation has long been classified as a normal and healthy part of human sexual behavior. There is also no evidence that masturbation has any negative effects on health whatsoever. Practically all humans masturbate.