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But before you lighten the load on top of your head this spring, there are a few things you should know about maintaining your freshly shorn scalp. Even if you shaved it off because it was thinning, your sparse mane will invariably sprout atop your head in the form of stubble if given the chance. Likewise, consistent maintenance i. The key to doing so without irritating the delicate skin on your scalp? A ridiculously slick shave cream and fresh blades on your razor every single time you even think of taking it to your crown.

Top Tips to Care for a Bald Head

What to Do Now That You’ve Shaved Your Head | GQ

Well yes, there is no doubt that it can be, however you do need to look after your bald head properly to keep it at its beautiful best. Here I have outlined some helpful hints and tips so that you can keep your crown looking at its best. There are a variety of good, efficient electric shavers available on the market today, and there is no doubt that they offer speed and convenience, whilst requiring little in the way of technique to use. There are shavers, such as the Skull Shaver Bald Eagle pictured right , that are specifically designed for shaving the head. If you opt for the electric shave, make sure that the device you buy is suitable for head shaving and has a very flexible shaver head. This is key because the closer the blades follow the contours of your head, the more efficient it is and the less need there will be for going over the same area multiple times. The less passes necessary to complete your shave, the less irritation you are likely to experience.

How to Care for a Shaved Head

Taking the plunge to shave your head completely bald can be a huge undertaking for some men, it was definitely for me as I wrote about it here. Any SPF protection greater than 50 may receive diminishing effects. I went to the skincare store that is right around the corner from me to pick up some grooming products and was told about this sunscreen, Supergoop , from the friendly staff there.
Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. To the uninitiated, a bald head may seem far easier to maintain than a flowing mane. The main things to be aware of, according to our experts, are dryness which can be caused by lack of sun protection and dandruff , which affects as many bald people as it does people with hair. According to Dr. Below, our experts share all the stuff they say is integral to keeping a bald head looking its best.