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Trashcan FAQ Climb in, close up the bag and wait for the garbage truck! Trashbagging is where people love to enclose themselves; be enclosed or enclose someone else in plastic garbage bags or several , they love the feel of the smooth, slippery plastic. Sometimes involving breath-play, others more into messy situations with food or garbage thrown in with them. The fantasy may also involve being placed in a trashcan; garbage-bin or dumpster, to await their fate at the hands of the garbage truck

Trashcan FAQ

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Nov Posted by drmarkgriffiths. However, I was surprised to find that fetishistic behaviour concerning trashcans and bin liners is more common than I ever thought. Back in February , Karl Watkins, a man who was 20 years old at the time, appeared at Hereford Crown Court charged with five counts of outraging public decency. The first set of charges related to making love to pavements.
Experiments in dumpster building from over a decade ago. Each vertical side was a gallon plastic trash bag stretched over a custom-made PVC pipe frame. The small frame in the middle held another bag inside which was placed a willing lady and a lot of gooey baked goods. In the second picture you can see the cord of the Magic Wand leading into her bag.