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Rudd has gone back and forth between bare-faced and bearded, and Twitter always has something to say about it. The singer, actor, and author has switched up his hairstyle a ton over the years, donning everything from tapered sides to a classic comb over. Martin has the same ever-changing philosophy when it comes to his facial hair, but no matter how he wears it, he always looks camera-ready. Cooper never rests on his grooming laurels for long. One day he's clean-shaven, and the next day a beard is born. Patel had always rocked a bald chin until a few years ago when he began not only growing out his facial hair, but also the hair on his head.

Facial Hair and Beard Styles, Gallery 1

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So you'll know what to grow. A gallery of photographs, videos, and ideas for different ways to style your beard and design your facial hair. Browse many photos to pick the best style for you. All men are entitled to facial hairstyles that suit their look. Today we'll show you some of the best options out there for your inspiration.

Facial Hair

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A little facial hair is a great way to quickly and inexpensively freshen up your look and these pictures of men's facial hair and beard styles will give you plenty of ideas. The nice thing about growing a beard is that it's not permanent and you can always change the shape or style of your beard to keep the look fresh. A little face fuzz is also one of the absolute cheapest ways to freshen up your style and can save you money on razors and blades as well.