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Two weeks ago Taiwan decriminalized adultery — an issue covered by The Taiwan Times here. With the government in making this decision referring to the ban as in violation of personal sexual freedoms and choices, there has been much discussion online and no doubt in private, as to the pros and cons of such a move. In fact, the ratio of active paid male accounts to active female accounts in Taiwan in was A secret affair can often fill a gap not being filled in the primary relationship without dismantling an entire household over, say, a lack of sex between a husband and wife.

Taipei has oldest average marrying ages, report says

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A recent report by the Ministry of the Interior MOI found that Taipei City had the nation's highest average marrying ages in the country last year, with the city's men tying the knot at an average of The average age for men to get married last year was In cities such as Taipei, Keelung, and Kaohsiung, the marriage age average was higher than the national average, with Taipei at the top of the list. For Keelung City, which ranked second, the average age for men was

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The status of women in Taiwan has been based on and affected by the traditional patriarchal views and social structure within Taiwanese society, which put women in a subordinate position to men, although the legal status of Taiwanese women has improved in recent years, particularly during the past two decades when the family law underwent several amendments. Throughout the 20th century, married women's rights were severely restricted, but they gradually improved, especially due to legal changes made in the last 20 years the family law was revised five times between and By , the new regulations had made divorce a little easier, allowed the wife to keep her own property registered in her name before without proving that she previously owned it; and allowed the judge to consider the best interest of children when evaluating the custody of children in a divorce case. Women's rights are protected in the Constitution of Taiwan : Article 7 states: " All citizens of the Republic of China, irrespective of sex , religion, race, class, or party affiliation, shall be equal before the law ".
The paper is an introduction to the study of European migration into Asia-Pacific through the case study of northern Taiwan. Here, several Spanish and Dutch colonial outposts were founded during the first part of the seventeenth century. Since and up to we have uncovered six burials of the cemetery of the Spanish colony of San Salvador de Kelang Heping Dao, Keelung — The cemetery was associated with the Convento de Todos los Santos , Convent of All Saints, also discovered anew during our excavations. DNA analysis shows that at least one of the individuals was of European descent.