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Nasir is a Syrian slave who is freed by Spartacus ' rebellion. During the rebellion, he becomes a high-ranking and valued warrior and a respected battle instructor, and goes on to become the lover of Agron. With long dark hair and dark skin, Nasir is rather small in build. Following the saving of Naevia from the mines, he gains a distinct scar from when he was stabbed by a Roman soldier. Nasir is often referred to as "Little Man" by the other rebels, some endearingly and some mockingly.

Translation of "Nasir" in Turkish

Not just froth and fun: Excerpt from Akshay Manwani’s book on Nasir Husain | Hindustan Times

A point needs to be made here about Majrooh Sultanpuri. There is no denying that Husain and he shared a great affinity. He enjoyed his working relationship with Husain. There is a feeling of distance, which was there with everyone, but not with Guru Dutt. With him there prevailed an atmosphere of friendship. And because he was a decent man there was no cheap humour, forced laughter, the kind of thing one got used to later. He was not that kind of man.

The secret of Nasir Ali

Nasir Ali grew up in war-torn Somaliland and became a successful refugee. In this article, we share his journey and give tips on how you can be successful too. We have to do the interview by phone, because he is currently in Somaliland.
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