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A judge in Rome has jailed a year-old man for two years and ordered him to buy feminist books for an underage prostitute who he used for sex. Judge Paola Di Nicola instructed the unnamed man to give the year-old works including novels by Virginia Woolf and the poems of Emily Dickinson. Italian police have been investigating a group that lured teenagers into sex work with money used to buy clothes and smartphones, AFP reports. At the trial of the ringleader, who has been jailed for nine years, the judge said the girls were "children who got carried away with the debauchery, without restraint, so they could easily earn money". Adriana Cavarero, a professor of political philosophy whose Notwithstanding Plato was among the books on the judge's list, told local newspaper Corriere della Sera that the judge should have read the works to the convicted man.

Prostitution in Italy

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Go to page. Prostitution in ancient Rome was common. Demand for such services was huge and therefore the growth of prostitution should not surprise. Rome, as a originator of law which still remains one of the pillars of our civilization, was also trying to regulate the issue of sexual services.

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My husband and I stayed at the Pulitzer for 5 nights. This hotel is NOT convenient for tourism. While it is true it is close to the metro. You have several stops before any attractions and the metro is packed, dirty, not air conditioned and graffiti.
One of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, the country works hard to accommodate all of its visitors; including those that enjoy a more adult kind of entertainment. In this guide, we take a look at the sex industry in Rome; from strip clubs to adult body rub centres to swinger clubs and much more in between. Most venues are popular with the locals but, when in Rome…. Prostitution in Italy is legal though third-party activities relating to the sale of sexual services such as brothels, pimping or prostitution rings is not.