Latin word for breast

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Asked by Wiki User. The Latin for "breasts" is mammae, from which we get the English mammal and mammary. The word for "female warrior" in Latin is bellatrix. The Latin word for a conqueror is victor, domitor or victrix if female. The breasts may also be considered a part of the visible female reproductive system. The Latin word for a female horse is equa.

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How to say Breast in Latin?

It only takes a minute to sign up. Mammillar and Mamillary are apparently used to refer to things that are breast or nipple shaped but are not breasts or nipples. The non-OED Oxford dictionaries for mammillary :. The free dictionary for mammillar :. During the colonial and early American periods, the mountain was known as "Mamelle" mountain.

English to Latin Meaning :: breast

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Meaning and definitions of breast, translation in Latin language for breast with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of breast in Latin and in English language. What breast means in Latin , breast meaning in Latin, breast definition, examples and pronunciation of breast in Latin language. Go To Android App. English to Latin Meaning :: breast English to Latin Meaning : noun : pectus, pectusculum, mamilla, uber, mamma, papilla, sumen, praecordia, praecordium verb : reluctor, luctor, lucto, proelior, praelior, resisto Breast :.