Kick the redhead day

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Redhead Day Roodharigendag in Dutch is the name of a Dutch summer festival that takes place each first weekend of September in the city of Tilburg , and up to in the city of Breda , in the Netherlands. The two-day festival, which inaugurated in , is a gathering of people with natural red hair , but is also focused on art related to the colour red. Activities during the festival are lectures, workshops and demonstrations which are aimed specifically at red-haired people. The festival attracts attendance from fifty countries and is free of charge due to sponsorship of the local government. To be classified a 'Redhead', each participant must not have altered their natural hair colour.

'Kick a Ginger' day has redheads running scared

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Kick-a-ginger-day doesn't exist. It's now called Hug-a-ginger-day. Gingers are "people" with red hair, freckles and a pale skin. Person 1: Hey! A Ginger! He has no soul!

Ginger Day Kick a Redhead Day

Or, indeed, to kick me on the ass because of it. Because this is the thing. And there was I getting all jealous because a girl who sat opposite me on the tube had thick, romantically curly ginger hair. And it was proper ginger, not dark auburn, or bottle red — and completely beautiful. Obviously, I must know nothing about beauty.
Top definition. Kick a Ginger day. It's a holiday celebrated by many.