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Thousands of North Korean women and girls are being forced to work in the sex trade in China, according to a new report by a London-based rights group. They are often abducted and sold as prostitutes, or compelled to marry Chinese men, says the Korea Future Initiative. The women are often trapped because China repatriates North Koreans, who then face torture at home, it says. The girls and women in question are usually aged between 12 and 29, but can sometimes be younger , the report said. They are coerced, sold, or abducted in China or trafficked directly from North Korea. Many are sold more than once and are forced into at least one form of sexual slavery within a year of leaving their homeland, it adds.

Perceptions toward Condom Use among Dalian Hostesses

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There are As of , the market for silicone dolls was very large, and with a yearly growth rate of about 30 percent, the number of factories and suppliers is also steadily on the rise. Among these, the diversification in the use of silicone sex dolls is apparent through the proliferation of DollMates groups on Chinese social media. The DollMates market in China is segmented into three main groups: those who buy silicone dolls purely for sexual use, those who buy them because they want a life partner — someone to love and take care of without the economic and mental pressure of human-to-human relationships — and those who buy them to dress them up and take pictures for use on social media. Another interesting aspect is the emerging market of second-hand dolls. The high cost of the dolls, coupled with the immediate indifference of many buyers who purchase them out of curiosity but then fail to relate to or find pleasure in them, has led to a thriving market of buying and selling previously-owned dolls. DollMates, many of whom were born in the 80s, have mastered the art of buying second-hand dolls, and have developed the best techniques to wash, clean, disinfect and use them without fear of contracting disease.

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By mrtoga, November 9, in Dalian. It is a slow afternoon here in my office, so as I promised earlier I thought I would relate my story about certain aggressive ladies pestering me around Youhao Square, Dalian. So being new to Dalian this summer, I took a stroll down the main street during the daytime. Being a polite person, I politely declined but she was quite persistant. I got rid of her with a firm "I am busy".