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Some of the greatest guitar players on the planet are rotten teachers, so what he gives to the guitar community is not lost on me. Not only does he take complicated music theory concepts and make them understandable to slow kids like me, but he also transcribes and interprets the work of the masters so we lesser players can get it. My time spent with him revealed an artist searching for something deeper than creating a guitar chops record. Guthrie Govan: Trying to get my next album done. Things keep getting in the way, which is nice. In this economic climate, being too busy is not a problem anybody should be complaining about.

Lick Library – Free Live Webcast with Guthrie Govan

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More recently, he has collaborated with Steven Wilson and Hans Zimmer. Govan was named "Guitarist of the Year" by Guitarist magazine in Govan began playing guitar aged three, encouraged by his father, but initially learning mainly by ear. His father taught him three chords first, and introduced him to his record collection. He worked out chords and solos from listening to the records.

Lick Library hosts free live Guthrie Govan webcast

Lick Library have uploaded on to their YouTube channel clips featuring some of the web lessons, performances and interviews Guthrie Govan has done for them to whet your appetite. If you follow the links you can pre-register any questions here or enter it on the chat box on the webcast page as you watch the presentation. Guthrie Govan, one of Lick Library's guitar teachers, will play some of his tracks during the webcast demonstrating his command of the electric guitar and his huge technical ability. Guthrie is famous for his vast range of influences Hendrix and Clapton through to Steve Vai to name but a few and his latest album was described by Joe Satriani as "Totally freakin awesome!!! You can ask Guthrie Govan a question and he will answer live on air and whilst you are there you can also interact with other Lick Library members as you enjoy the ultimate free guitar lesson.
The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. This is the second one I will be going to and the first time around I wondered if anyone would like to ask him some questiosn. Join Date: Jan Sweaty Knockers was my personal highlight.