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A video showing a polar bear spray-painted with graffiti has sparked outrage among environmentalists amid fears that the creature was targeted by locals in an area where the animals increasingly forage. A senior Russian state biologist has said they are trying to identify where the video of the bear was shot. Scientists speculated that the animal , which was recorded walking near a road at an unknown location in Russia, would have to have been sedated for someone to paint the letters on its flank. Some Russians often paint the same letters on their cars for the Victory Day holiday marking the end of the second world war in May, and it was not immediately clear whether the letters had been written by angry locals or as a practical joke. A town in Novaya Zemlya, an island chain off of northern Russia, saw an influx of more than 50 polar bears in February this year. He said he received the footage through a WhatsApp chat group.

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Fortitude has well earned its reputation for the bizarre — think frosty Twin Peaks if Twin Peaks had a rotting woolly mammoth housing prehistoric parasitic wasp larvae. Distributed by Sky Vision. What the hell are reindeers, i. And then there were the disturbing mass reindeer miscarriages.

The weirdest stuff that’s happened on ‘Fortitude’ so far

Working with polar bears "isn't about what you do when you have a bad encounter," says polar bear researcher Eric Regehr, "but what you do to prevent them. Ginzburg scrambled up to the deck and sprinted to the front of the boat, forgetting both gloves and boots. Shivering in his slippers, he studied the animal 1, feet away a male, he would later learn, identifiable by its thick neck and short, pointed tail. Over the soft whir of clicking cameras, he heard its playful grunts and growls as it fussed with a fishing net that had washed ashore.
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