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Skip navigation! Story from Best of Netflix. Pausing on Ryan Phillippe's butt in Cruel Intentions might have once been the most illicit action you could take while watching a movie at home, but Netflix is here to turn that PG moment into something a little more R-rated. Netflix occasionally hosts big-budget barely disguised softcore films think Fifty Shades of Grey and the like , but it also has many more of not-safe-to-watch-with-your- parents titles hiding in plain sight. In fact, the streaming service has a pretty robust offering of steamy, erotic, and otherwise not-PG movies. And because of the extremely problematic power dynamics in DNI that inspired us to search for what else is out there, we've now realized that there is plenty of barely disguised porn that will make your alone time a lot more exciting.

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The green-eyed Leo also loves catching up on the latest TV series. She has travelled to London, and has Thailand, Korea and Japan in her sights. SUNshine Girl Megan is back to set hearts ablaze. The red-headed Scorpio loves spending time with her daughter, reading and listening to hip hop, rock and reggae.

Sexploitation film

A sexploitation film or "sex-exploitation film" is a class of independently produced, low-budget [4] feature film that is generally associated with the s [5] and early s , and that serves largely as a vehicle for the exhibition of non-explicit sexual situations and gratuitous nudity. The genre is a subgenre of exploitation films. Sexploitation films were generally exhibited in urban grindhouse theatres , the precursor to the adult movie theaters of the s and s that featured hardcore pornography content. The term soft-core is often used to designate non-explicit sexploitation films after the general legalisation of hardcore content. Nudist films are often considered to be subgenres of the sex-exploitation genre as well.
Everyone has a favorite genre: comedy , romance , horror. Those are, of course, the popular ones. Or at least the most popular to talk about. But there's another element that permeates them all, even if we don't like drawing attention to the fact that we're intrigued by it. It's the sexiest films category: movies that evoke the sometimes taboo topics of intimacy and attraction and lust.