French innocent lesbian

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Everyone knows Marie Antoinette: the infamous French monarch who met her end at the guillotine in Her status as a coded figure for female homoeroticism and as a proto-lesbian heroine is, to put it lightly, lesser known. This is the story of how Marie Antoinette became one of history's biggest lesbian icons. An Austrian by birth, Marie Antoinette was married to Louis XVI, then the prince of France, when she was fourteen as part of a political alliance between their respective empires.

Life as a French Lesbian in Istanbul


Into their midst she places an innocent young woman from the provinces. Her heart has just been broken by a local girl who decided to go the traditional route and marry. Indeed, everyone assumes Delphine to be tacitly engaged to her childhood friend Antoine, a neighboring farm boy who appears honorably ready to wait for Delphine to be ready to wed. So it is Delphine who puts the moves on Carole, who retreats at first. He remains a mute presence once back from the hospital.

Lesbian Love in the ’70s in a New French Film

The Bosphorous—one of the reasons I decided to move to Istanbul. All pictures courtesy of the author. I am a woman living in Istanbul and lately, I've been coming across a lot of articles titled "Why I left Turkey," or some variation of that, in the local press. And since I moved here from Paris, every single person I know keeps asking me why the hell I did that.
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