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General Provisions. This Concept provides a systemic vision of the basic principles, priority areas, goals and objectives of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation. This Concept is based on the Constitution of the Russian Federation, generally recognized principles and rules of international law, international treaties of the Russian Federation, federal laws, Executive Order of the President of the Russian Federation No. The world is currently going through fundamental changes related to the emergence of a multipolar international system.

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Lee Hsien Loong: America, China, and the Perils of Confrontation

I disagree with this view. More than 30 years later, Deng has proved prescient. Asia has prospered because Pax Americana, which has held since the end of World War II, provided a favorable strategic context. But now, the troubled U. Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, are especially concerned, as they live at the intersection of the interests of various major powers and must avoid being caught in the middle or forced into invidious choices. The status quo in Asia must change. But will the new configuration enable further success or bring dangerous instability?

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The relations between Portugal and Asia are rooted in History. The Portuguese discoverers were the first to create sea routes between Europe and India, and were also the first Europeans to establish contacts with Japan. Our embassy in Bangkok is one of the oldest diplomatic missions in the world.
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