Facts purple striped jelly fish

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Purple Striped Jellyfish

Purple-striped Jelly | Online Learning Center | Aquarium of the Pacific

A stunning jellyfish species with long white tails and beautiful purple body markings, the Purple Striped Jellyfish is great as an usual jellyfish for your tank. These jellyfish do also have a sting, and therefore particular care must be observed when feeding or cleaning the tank — it is recommended to wear latex gloves when placing your hands inside the tank. For these reasons, the Purple Striped Jellyfish is aimed at the more experienced jellyfish owner. In an aquarium environment, the Purple Striped Jellies are supplied at around 2. Multiple Purple Stripe Jellyfish are suitable for either the smaller Cubic Orbit 20 tank , or any of our larger jellyfish aquariums. Our Jellyfish are sold at a young age, therefore offering you the maximum possible lifespan for your fish.

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Jellies Invasion. This jelly has a white, bowl-shaped bell with 16 purple stripes and very long tentacles. Young crabs are often found hitching a ride in this jelly's bell.
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