Erotic spanking poem

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Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Those Old School Spanking. Oh, many can recall them spanking from the day. Which probably now, you can laugh at. Whether from a belt.

Naughty Spanking

adult poetry | Spank Me Hard! Please?

A Spanking Ensues…. A smirk, a flick of the hair, a defiant look with an akimbo stance. Stinging slap soon to be followed by a loud. Every incident, a blow up your ass cheeks,. Your hips upon my knees, ass facing up at me, hard cock pressed against your stomach, for I relish this. I can feel you drip…drip…drip. By Philip Wardlow.

A spanking ensues….my most risqué Erotic poem ever? Nope – Adult Content be warned

They all love to be spanked. Comments welcome and discussion encouraged. I believe spanking between consenting adults leads to closer and more intimate relationships. Spanking is not a kink, not a fetish, not a lifestyle, but rather, a healthy and honest means of communication. Let your mind free and respect will follow.
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