Electrical current facial system

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I stepped into the gorgeous, well-lit spa overlooking Bryant Park with absolutely no idea what to expect. All I knew for sure was Joanna Vargas' s big-deal reputation in the land of skincare, a celebrity aesthetician trusted by the likes of Julianne Moore, Greta Gerwig, Mandy Moore, and more. If they depend on her treatments to get their skin red carpet—ready, I was more than down to give this celebrity facial treatment a try for my not-so-glam subway commute I'd follow it up with. I'd read a little about microcurrent facials prior to my appointment but admittedly didn't do enough research. This is probably why my mom always gets so nervous when I tell her "I'm trying a new thing for my face today"—she's well aware of my YOLO attitude toward intriguing beauty treatments. To be transparent, all I knew was my skin would be stimulated by some sort of electrical current from a funny-looking device that'll essentially give my face muscles a much-needed workout.

I Got a Microcurrent Facial and It Instantly Sculpted My Features

Does a microcurrent facial really lift your face? - CNN

CNN Have you ever worked out your face? An eyebrow-raising beauty trend, called a microcurrent facial, aims to do just that. Does a microcurrent facial really lift your face? More Videos

#SkinSchool: Everything you need to know about microcurrent devices

Anyone who prefers performance over pampering is likely already familiar with the transformative effects of a microcurrent facial. The lifting effects have even drawn swathes of people away from the botox needle, and the lure of fillers. But what actually is microcurrent — and should we be applying it to our faces? Here, the experts reveal everything you need to know.
They say good things come to those who wait, but at-home "facial trainer" devices that send microcurrents of electricity to the skin, claim to subtly lift and firm the face in just five minutes. Whether you're always down to test a new beauty device or feel wary of adding gizmos to an already-packed skin-care regimen, at-home microcurrent therapy devices make some serious claims, including boosted radiance, increased lymphatic drainage, stimulated collagen, and reduced fine lines over time. Before we recommend that you drop a few hundred dollars on a device and start zapping your face, we asked experts to break down how microcurrent technology actually works.