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Have you ever met someone that makes you really want them, not only physically and mentally but also emotionally? Nowadays, there are plenty of love spells working instantly available that allow you to practice anytime and anywhere. You will easily find the spell that helps you handle your current situation? The only matter you should concern when using any love spell is your intention as well as energy. If you show any bad intention or negative thought in mind, then the spell will stop working.

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9 Domination Spells Correspondence ideas | hoodoo spells, hoodoo magic, hoodoo conjure

The African-American folk-magic tradition known as hoodoo, root work, and conjure is replete with spells for female domination. While European-derived Wicca and neo-paganism postulate a "three-fold law of return" that promises bad karma to any woman who holds a man captive, dominates him, or subjugates him to her will, hoodoo root workers consider such female domination normal, common, and even necessary to ensure a satisfactory relationship. Among the most famous of the hoodoo spells used o capture and enslave men are the Nation Sack , the Compelling bath , and the Follow me Boy ritual. In addition, Essence of Bend-Over dressing oil is used by those who wish to degrade and humiliate another. Unlike other mojos, the Nation Sack is used only by women, specifically to control the sex of a man. The name originated in the area around Memphis, Tennessee, in the 19th century.

7 Free Spells Without Ingredients [Love, Break Up, Money & More]

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