Cup in peeing

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When I was a little girl, I had the coolest friend. I thank my lucky stars that we are still very best friends, and she would absolutely love that I just called her Barbra. As an eleven year old, Barbra was much like an adult in a tiny body; she read books for adults and took frequent trips to New York City, bringing back stories of what she found in the Village. While flipping through a pile of Seventeen magazines and listening to Jill Sobule in our matching Gap Kids overalls, she would tell me about this other world know as the Village, what people wore and what women used for their periods instead of pads and tampons -- rags and keepers. My tiny mind was blown… and disgusted and then we moved on because under no circumstances did I ever want to talk about periods. Fast forward twenty years and change, and I am using a keeper, or cup as we call it now.

Peeing with a Menstrual Cup: The Urge to Purge

I fell in love with Saalt Soft and you will too

As part of the requirements to get a badge for a particular hospital, students are required to get a urine drug screen. Mistake number one was going for a run that morning. And by run, I mean slow run. A slow, innocent run.

Pee in a cup? Not as easy as it sounds

These are two very normal reactions of new period cup users. To put it simply, yes, of course. Depending on your flow, you can wear your menstrual cup for up to twelve hours.
I fell in love with my Saalt Cup by the end of my first period with the cup, and I swore I'd never wear another tampon again. How could any other product surpass the blissful period freedom that I discovered since switching to Saalt? I was forever converted to the cup. The one thing I couldn't do while wearing my Saalt Cup was to use the bathroom without experiencing some movement of the cup or discomfort.