Core impact penetration testing

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Core Impact : exploit security weaknesses, increase productivity, and improve efficiencies. The most powerful exploitation tool available. With the passing years and increasing technology demands, security industry has changed ten folds. There are various products being launched every now and then to address the increasing demand of the complex vulnerabilities.

Core Impact - Penetration testing tool

Core Impact | Penetration Testing Software | Core Security

Core Impact is a comprehensive penetration testing platform that safely and efficiently replicates attacks and uncovers security weaknesses. Organizations can maximize their resources with certified exploits and guided automations, providing valuable insights that will help mitigate risk and protect essential assets. Core Impact streamlines testing by providing step-by-step wizards and rapid penetration tests so users can discover, test, and report in just a few simple steps. Gather information, exploit systems, and generate reports, all in one place.

Core Impact is designed to enable security teams to conduct advanced penetration tests with ease. With guided automation and certified exploits, the powerful penetration testing software enables you to safely test your environment using the same techniques as today's adversaries. Test with confidence using a trusted platform designed and supported by experts for more than 20 years. Gather information, exploit systems, and generate reports , all in one place. These high-level tests help optimize the use of your security resources by simplifying processes, maximizing efficiency, and enabling pen testers to focus on more complex issues.
It's true - we've had a lot of updates and releases for Core Impact over the past month. From the New Named User Pricing to the continued improvements being shipped to Core Impact and just this past week the new release of Core Impact R2 - there's been a lot happening. But trust that the product is still the most comprehensive solution for assessing and testing security vulnerabilities within your organization. Today we're going through some of the benefits you can find when using this tool.