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Check out words from the year you were born and more! Build vocab with Puku today! Trump lawyer argues before Senate. They can be hard to pin down.

A Who's Who of Literary Allusions

Words that Come from Characters in Books | Merriam-Webster

The Rivals by Richard Sheridan pp Cite as. The author begins by saying that normally he would dispense with a preface, a convention which he compares to a plea of innocence after a guilty verdict. The unprecedented circumstance that prompted him to compose one was the withdrawal of the play after the first night, in order that its obvious flaws might be corrected. So the preface is in part an apology, and in part a justification; it is delicately phrased, and allows him to sketch a fairly convincing self-portrait of Richard Sheridan as a literary innocent. But it is hard to tell how far the playwright is speaking in character.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Other answerers have assumed you mean just a fictional character and not a subject, by which, to be honest, I don't know what you mean , and I'll do the same. They've also not restricted to descriptive verbs and genres, suggesting milquetoast and quixotic , so I, too, won't so restrict. Some they haven't mentioned are Achillean , aphrodisiac , argonaut , bacchanalia , Mickey Mouse , Falstaffian , Ichabod , Moses basket , Oedipus complex , oedipal , Electra complex , Timonism , and sword of Damocles. We seem to be talking about eponymous terms derived from fictional characters?
Writers love words just like chefs love food. We spend hours tinkering with verbs, nouns and adjectives within all types of techniques and combinations to keep the eyes of our readers glued to the copy we create. We infuse our writing with clever, pungent for the chefs and meaningful words and sometimes toss in a curve ball just to keep it interesting. Less usage by me, however.