Chinese erotic literature

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While most Westerners seem to have heard of the "Kama Sutra", few are aware of the Chinese tradition of erotic literature. Westerners often see Asians as being demure or even downright asexual. You would have thought that 1. Erotica was present in the form of fiction both full-length novels and short stories and poetry, erotic art in the form of very practical "pillow books", and taoist treatises on effective sexual techniques for "maximizing life energies". Unfortunately, ancient foot fetishists also invented the painful practice of footbinding in pursuit of the tiny "lotus" feet.

Dive into a Chinese Erotic Masterpiece

Chinese Ancient Erotica Finally In English In Full | The World of Chinese

It is probably less heard of than the Four Great Classical Novels, but that is not a result of inferior literary excellence. Its lesser reputation perhaps comes from its explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse. Its first complete English translation was released last month, four hundred years after its first block-printed release in The Roy translation is well over 3, pages long, if you include the index and notes.

Chinese Erotic literature

China has a rich history of erotic literature and painting. Jin Ping Mei is a 2, page novel about the sexual exploits of a horny young merchant, Hs-men pronounced semen , and his mistress, Golden Lotus. Because some of the descriptions are very explicit, the story has been banned since the Ming Period.
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