Boot camp for young adults

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It's not uncommon for a parent to begin questioning options for a misbehaving teenager. Whether a teen is running away or refusing to attend school, many parents begin to think a military-style boot camp might be the only option they have left to straighten their teen out. Many parents turn to teen boot camps as a way to try and save their teen from incarceration, substance abuse problems, gangs, or even death. When you're desperate, boot camps can sound like a tempting option. But before sending your teenager to a boot camp, educate yourself about the resources and services available. There may be better alternatives that will give your teen more effective help.

Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

Boot Camp for Kids and Young Adults

Rock bottom is not necessarily a great term of reference but one commonly used by those addicted to drugs or alcohol. It can also be used by those that feel the have reached the very bottom of their struggles with anxiety, depression and other behavioral and emotional problems. Ideally, it is always best for those displaying self-destructive behaviors or potentially very debilitating disorders, to seek help before reaching this point in their lives. Well before you or your child reach this breaking point, reach out for the help your family needs. Rites of Passage is an alternative to a traditional boot camp.

Boot Camp for Teens: Is There a More Effective Solution?

Developmental stagnation in the transition phase between high school and the adult world is a problem that increasingly impacts families across the country. While it is true that finding a job and financing an education is more difficult than in past generations, too many young adult men are stagnated in their development and continue to approach life acting as if they are still teens attending high school. Without any sense of urgency to move forward to the next stage in life, they become increasingly focused on being entertained, often with hours of video games, social media and pornography at the expense of developing the self-discipline needed to manage the demands of life in the adult world. Our society does not need more young men who lack self-discipline and live only to be entertained. There are already too many young adult men who are going nowhere in life, who are not serious about forming families and making a real contribution in this world.
Additionally, with our new Technology Track , some young adults come to Camp Pocono Trails to learn how to live with the distractions of smartphones, computers, and endless hours of screen activity. This is an increasingly important skill for young adults that are about to start college or embark on living independently. The weight loss, fitness, wellness and technology track all have in common that idea of resetting behaviors in a structured, supportive environment in order to jump-start new habits.