Asian catholic saints

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When I ask this of fairly educated people, they often guess the 16th century, with St. Francis Xavier. Where was Jesus born? The Gospel was first preached in Asia. The angels sang Gloria in Asia, to an Asian couple with an Asian baby. The Apostles were all Asian.

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An Asian Saint a Day - Held By His Pierced Hands

This page is a list of saints , blesseds , venerables , and Servants of God from Asia , as recognized by the Catholic Church. These people were born, died, or lived their religious life in any of the states or territories of Asia. Since Christianity began in Asia, the first Christians were Asians, and Biblical figures of the Old Testament considered to be saints also spent all or most of their lives in the Holy Land. While Catholicism has waxed and waned in various parts of the continent, it has had a continuous presence there into the twenty-first century. Due to the rise of Islam and the schisms leading to the establishment of Nestorian, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox churches, the Asian saints of times before the modern era are largely concentrated in the area of the Holy Land and the time of the Roman Empire. Christianity reached as far as China and India. The following is a very partial list of those Asian-connected saints traditionally recognized by Rome.

List of Saints from Asia

Religious persecution has a long history in China, especially persecution of Christians, thousands of whom have died for their faith in the last millennium. Most were Chinese laity, but others were missionaries from various other countries; many of them died during the Boxer Rebellion. Of the group, 87 were Chinese laypeople and 33 were missionaries; 86 died during the Boxer Rebellion in
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